Sell Your Web Site to Tropical SEO, Lose 15 Lbs, and Attract Hot Women (or Men)

My last post offering to buy readers’ sites turned out to be a modest success, so it’s time to self-whore my blog once again.

My company DomainDev has an acquisitions budget we’d like to spend in the next few months, and I’d rather give it to an intelligent, snarky Tropical SEO reader than some random dude off the InterWebs.

So if you’re thinking you might like to cash in some of your virtual real estate sometime soon, why not take two minutes and fill out our form? We do have some things we’re actively looking for though, so please note the following:

  1. I am not interested in domains less than a year old, or with multiple hyphens ;-)
  2. Any niche is fine, except: pr0n, pills, casino, or celebrity
  3. I am not interested in domains which have been banned in Google
  4. Please don’t submit any site doing less then four figures a month in revenue

Please use the DomainDev ‘We Buy Sites’ form to submit your site for consideration.

p.s. thanks to for reminding me of what a good idea posts like these are!

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#1 Aviva on 01.22.08 at 7:17 pm

Still waiting for the part about attracting hot women…