A Festivus Gift for My Readers: 9 New Niche Social Media Sites

I hope all you readers had a good Festivus this year. The Airing of Grievings was pretty brutal to me, apparently I’ve been a real dick to a lot of people this year. But all ended well as I crushed T-bo in the Feats of Strength ceremony.

Meanwhile Tropical SEO is once again bringing you the good stuff–9 new niche social media sites that actually send traffic. I have to credit Improvetheweb for pointing me to some links where I found (and tested) these new sites. (p.s. those other lists have a TON of abandoned sites in them. All the more reason to bookmark the Tropical SEO list which I actually try to maintain.)

I have held off on including some sites which are TOO niche (Firefox only news?). And as usual I don’t include any which I’m not sure have sustainable communities, which are abandoned (or too new), or which don’t seem to send significant real traffic. Paraphrasing Jane Copeland, most of these web 2.0 sites are flaming piles of sh*t. The ones on my list aren’t.

Today’s additions:

  • ArmchairGM (Sports)
  • Daytipper (Tips & Tutorials)
  • Design Float (Design)
  • Hacker News (Web Development)
  • iliketotallyloveit.com (Shopping)
  • IndianPad (India News)
  • KillerStartups (Startup Reviews)
  • tipstrs (Tips & Tutorials)
  • Value Investing News (Investing)

You can check out the entire updated list here. Happy linkbaiting!

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#1 Rasmus on 01.10.08 at 11:27 am

Hahaha, aaah the Festivus! It was great thanks Andy and thanks for the list, will definetly dig into those sites. Think they might even bring some non-english traffic?

#2 admin on 01.10.08 at 12:46 pm

Rasmus, I deliberately excluded foreign language sites from my list–sorry :-)

#3 yuri on 01.11.08 at 9:31 pm

Thanks for finding the traffic sites, Andy. I hope you’ll let us know about more such sites as you sift through the lists (if you do that for your own sites, at least).

Thanks for getting back to posting :)

#4 tbo on 01.12.08 at 12:45 am

yeah, well, i beat you in the dick length contest

#5 admin on 01.12.08 at 7:52 am

had a little to drink last night, did we, T-bo?

#6 tbo on 01.12.08 at 9:31 am

nope just your typical burn

#7 Dave Origano on 01.15.08 at 7:01 am

Hey Andy,

thanks for those links. Especially the Start-Up one really contains some interesting stories.


#8 lgientke on 03.17.08 at 11:50 pm

Have you played with MyRide.com? Might be something to add to your list.