5 New Niche Social Media Sites, Vegas Updates, a Domainer Sh*tstorm and a Special Surprise

Mr. Tropical is back after a short blogging hiatus. After I convincingly won the bet with Scoreboard (first man to 350 bloglines subs got $500 Cleveland Browns tickets), I was uninspired to write for a while. But you know what? I miss your guys’ snarky comments. I miss the glamour. And I miss all the action I get every time I post. So here’s an update with a little bit of everything!

1. I’ve update my niche social media site list. 5 new sites have shown me enough to join the exclusive club:

  • BuzzFlash (News)
  • Mixx (Anything)
  • PhotographyVoter (Photography)
  • ShowHype (Entertainment)
  • Small Business Brief (Business & Entrepreneurship)

Check out the whole updated list here and remember to make submitting to niche social media sites part of your regular link baiting flow!

2. I have to say I’m a bit hurt no one has joined the Scoreboard Media Vegas Contest. I was promised that when I became a successful SEO I’d have groupies. So where are the groupies, I ask you? Where are my godd*mn groupies!?

3. The Domainersphere was rocked with scandal the past few days. I don’t fully understand all what went on or understand who’s at fault, but one thing I do know is every time I get really emotional about business I usually regret it afterwards.

4. Along with a few other smart folks, I’ve started a new company: DomainDev. Come check us out if you’re in Houston. We have a Ms Pac-man machine in our office.

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#1 alex_AN on 11.13.07 at 12:40 pm

I’ve got another social media site to add to your list. We launch in December, but if you submit an article before we launch you have a chance to win a Macbook computer.

The site is http://www.advicenetwork.com/contest
We are a social media site that allows small service businesses to showcase their expertise and attract ne customers.

#2 admin on 11.13.07 at 12:44 pm

alex_AN — if you can keep it alive for several months and it’s got a healthy userbase, I’ll add it then :-)

#3 jexley on 11.13.07 at 7:02 pm

Those are great, thanks for that. I’m adding them to my list now…

You’re in Houston? My old roller hockey rink was off Westheimer in Fairdale.

Heh, ‘course now I’m in Perth, a million miles from roller hockey.

Oh, and here’s some action and snarkiness as a greeting upon your return.

WHOO, was that good for you?

#4 admin on 11.13.07 at 9:18 pm

Westheimer eh? That’s where I train BJJ :-)

#5 randfish on 11.14.07 at 12:49 am

I’m a groupie! Here I am… :)

#6 DamnDomainer on 11.16.07 at 5:55 pm

Nice! I will be in PubCon too. Going to be my first time there. Hope to bump into you there.